God plays God

So good at being bad. Mr Fiennes once again steals the show as the main villain, Hades the underworld god, in Clash of the Titans. The plot itself was too dry and shallow for me (not to mention the poor dialogue) but he glued me to my seat through the entire movie. Geh. Another super-subjective chunks from a fangirl. But who cares. Long live Mr Fiennes.

3 thoughts on “God plays God

  1. Humph!
    So you once again watched movie without ME!
    Gaaaa…..gue jg mau liat Clash of Titan.
    Meski katanya busuk tp kl emg ud sk sama kisah2 yunani romawi udh ga bs ditolong lg pengen nonton…huaaaa

  2. @dhecu
    YOI. sayang kita gak ambil mitologi yunani di FIB ya.Btw di film titans ada yg beda sama legenda yunani aslinya deh.

    iya tapi dia aktor favorit gue banget gitu ndro. hahaha. jadi ngga bisa salah :p

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