Estrus series : mangas’ eligible hunks

Estrus mode : ON
There are five guys i found way too sexy to become fictional manga character only. May God be kind enough to create them in flesh, ready to be married to (or to make out with). ;p
Fyi, I pick these guys only from mangas I had read. So don’t blame me if your personal favorite character is not in the list. And if you have a problem with the following order, don’t worry. Their rates of hotness are amazingly tentative based on the weather. i mean, mood. Ha.

5. NOBE HIROFUMI in Kimi no Te ga Sasayaite Iru (Your Hands are Whispering)
Nobe is a normal man married to Mieko, a deaf-mute girl with a heart as big as an island. He helped Mieko face all the hardships of being a deaf person within the society. Instead of yelling at or hitting Mieko when he got angry, Nobe only raised his tone a little and made some expressions to convey his feelings. A true gentleman he is. To me Nobe equals ideal future hubby. Though it would be nice to have a rise in salary since he’s just a common employee in some corporation. ;p

4. TOUMA SOU in Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Q.E.D.)
Many people talk about how cool Kudo Shinichi is. Especially when he solves some cases with some awesome poses by saying awesome lines (like the one involving “moonlight illuminates the truth” or “the truth behind the shadow” blah blah). But sometimes i think he tries too hard to look cool and stuff. That’s why I like him more as Conan. And when we talk about “being awesome at solving criminal cases”, i immediately think about Touma. He is amazingly calm and calculated. Always ends his conclusion with Q.E.D. which means that which was to be demonstrated. A notation which is often placed at the end of a definitive proof. Touma graduated from MIT (yes, THAT MIT) at 15 (which is a bit exaggerated even for me). Highly intelligent, zero sensitivity of love, and he’s so innocent you would want to keep him as a pet. He may look plain and emotionless, but if he trusts you that much, he will protect you with all his might.

3. EGUCHI TAPPEI in Miiko, desu!Almost every girl loves domyoji-like character. You know, a good looking bully who is actually nice and all. Tappei is my favorite one. He teases Miiko big time but he actually likes her and cares about her more than anyone. Too bad he’s still in elementary school (and I think will stuck on it forever) so i can’t legally date him.

2. YAGAMI LIGHT in Death Note
Why do we love junk food when it actually kills us slowly? Why do we love bad guys for the same reason? Especially the one named Yagami Light, a cruel psychopath with a God-complex? My answer is : pure hotness. He’s got the brain, the look, the charisma. You only have to deal with his obsession of killing people with his notorious death note. Oh, not to mention that he also has no conscience or sense of humanity. He may seems nice, but all of his actions are thoroughly calculated for his own benefit. He was actually a good guy until he found a power of death note. His sense of justice pushed him to kill only bad people (murderers, corruptors, thieves, etc). But his objective changed as he drowned in such overwhelming power.

1. HATTORI HEIJI in Meitantei Konan (Detective Conan)
Sexiest guy with sexiest tan and accent. Heiji is a high school detective from Osaka. Known as a hot-blooded detective, he never hesitated to break in to murder crime scenes hurrily though he would got scolded afterwards for ruining some evidences. He would assured defensively that he did it to make sure whether the victim’s life could still be saved or not. Wow, a man with a sense of hero ;> Heiji equals Tappei (only older and smarter and darker and hotter). He acts all irritating to Kazuha, his childhood friend and potentially love interest, when he actually cares about her. Women just can’t get enough of this tsundere-sorta action. Slurp! Hahahaha.

Estrus mode: STILL ON
Maybe we need another list of some other eligible hunks.

7 thoughts on “Estrus series : mangas’ eligible hunks

  1. @nien
    ahahaha. bahkan dalam hubungan nyata pun kadang butuh dukungan lelaki imajiner.

    ryuk sebenernya peringkat satu. tapi dia sendiri yang minta di eliminate. takut bikin lo turn on katanya.

    dipinjemin aja belom kungfu boy nya :p

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