2100 informants come with the rain

Last night I spent my time on self DVD marathon waiting for world cup match at 1 AM. But I ended up too sleepy to witness Germany ruined Australia with 4-0. Well, anyway, I watched three different movies about three different themes (one of them is actually a television program, stolen and hijacked by Indonesian notorious geniuses).
EARTH 2100
GEH. Another documentary film telling us to switch off lamps and reduce plastic bags for earth’s sake? Wrong. Earth 2100 offers us something new. With the tagline “to change the future, first you have to imagine it”, this two-hour program tells us about the worst case scenario that might happen in human civilization if we don’t change our habit by 2015. Lucy, a fictional storyteller in this story is an American born in 2009. Through her narration, we can see how the earth is slowly changing into a naturally dystopian planet.
In year 2100 most of the cities are abandoned, pests are all over the country, people get sick by some mutant viruses, and shortages and drought are everywhere. I love to see how Lucy tells her story to the viewers through interesting motion comics and animation. The program was presented by American Broadcasting Company (ABC) on June 2009.
Watching The Informant! is like watching The Insider except we will most likely have different feelings for the whistle blower. The story is about Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon) who secretly becomes FBI informant in his company’s price-fixing conspiracy. Despite the action premises, The Informant! is actually a dark comedy that once again tells us human beings are most often than not standing on the gray zone.
When I saw the cover for the first time, I was like WHAA—??! I mean Josh Hartnett (one of my prime inner fangirl triggers) co-starred with Takuya Kimura? Are you kidding me? When did this happen? How could my radar miss it? Not that I love Kimutaku so much. It’s just that international film usually uses non Japanese actors even though the role is Japanese. They prefer to use Korean or Chinese actors since they speak English and pronounce words better (I guess?)
The movie is directed by Vietnamese born – French director, Tran Anh Hung. This poetic thriller movie is about Kline (Hartnett), a private investigator hired by some conglomerate boss to find his only son Shitao (Kimura). Kline travels to Philippines and Hong Kong where he met his old friend Meng Zi (Shawn Yue) and some triad boss Su Dungpo (Byung-Hun Lee, who is damn hot too). Yup. Three heartthrobs in one movie. What can you ask for more?

come to mama
come to mama
let’s gaga
yes i can handle the them all

2 thoughts on “2100 informants come with the rain

  1. Bahkaaan kimutaku beneran maen ama josh harnett? ini filem kagak laku kali ya nya makanya nggak kedengeran kekekekek..

    yaudah kalo gitu lari aja ke super junior nya kalo sho sm sholomo nggak bisa menemani, mayan ada stok 10 biji bisa ganti ganti kalo nggak puas (LOL)

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