I’m not writing about my love life, wheter it’s lovey-dovey or not. Neither am i writing about some dahsyat-material-melayu-band’s hit single. I’m writing about a word that everyone will be having a hard time defining. LOVE. I don’t know much about love and just like any other concepts that i didn’t know, i googled it. Merriam and Webster say that Love is a strong affection for another, arising from kinship or personal ties and so on. Okay MW, i get the whole, helicopter-viewed idea, but another itty-bitty concept is bugging me. CHOICE. And i got to learn it the most inconvenient way. I got to hurt myself and my significant others. But i can’t, and i won’t regret anything. I believe that everything happens for a reason.
Funny. Movies and drama series are definitely unreliable for your thesis references. But they can always be your teachers in some other ways. If i had known these quotes from long ago, i might have a whole different story and choose the opposite actions. But again, i am not regretting anything.
Para Pencari Tuhan
This series only broadcasted on Ramadhan or fasting season. At first i didn’t really pay attention to the show. But one day i heard Bang Jack, the main protagonist of the show, said an inspiring line to one of his friends (i’d prefer to write them in bahasa as it is):
“Lo itu cuma tau caranya jatuh cinta. Kalo lo nggak belajar buat memilih, seumur idup lo cuma bakalan sibuk jatuh cinta!”

Clang! i literally dropped my spoon and lost my apetite to my sahur meal. Wow, i thought, this is deep. And totally nailed me in the head. I scoffed and forced to recall some bitter memories. Another thing that i realized is that Dedy Mizwar, the actor who play Bang Jack, and my father have very similiar looks. I might as well be advised by my own father. 🙂
Bones is not one of my favourite series. Unlike my favourite shows like Criminal Minds, The Simpsons, Glee or How I Met Your Mother, i didn’t memorize all the characters’ names or what has been going on among them. I only know that there are some hidden sexual tensions between Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz). It doesn’t take a genious to see that their relationship is a “rachel-ross” type. No matter how hard they try to avoid them, the feelings are always there.
One day when i accidentally click Fox Channel, i saw Bones and Booth at the restaurants and talking about true love. I don’t memorize the whole lines, but they came sorta like these:
Booth: You come up with a lot of people in this world, but there’s only one person that you love the most.
Bones: How do you know which one is your true love when there are so much chemistry going on?
Booth: You just know it…
Bones: But what if, what if your true love’s got away from your hands?
Booth: It never got away. It’s always there.
Hmmmm… Until this very moment, i’m still learning.

One thought on “C.I.N.T.A.

  1. “It never got away. It's always there.”
    This could be the reason for all those who ever hurt because of love. your ex-boyfriend or girl friend go, because they not your true love..

    ini jadi pembenaran juga kenapa dulu gw putus dan sampe nangis2 jejeritan.. gw putus, karena mantan gw pergi, dan kesimpulannya dia bukan true love gw..haha

    good story nya… the next question is, is Omo your true love??hahahaha…

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