Ms. Jones and I

Ms. Jones,
Just when…
Just when will you come to Indonesia?
Ms. Jones:
Oh, poor Mighty B. Believe me, i did sign those contracts with Mr. Soebono back then in 2005. But, that travel warning really kept me away from your country.

That’s just because certain people in certain government are programmed by fear. It’s totally safe in here. Please please please come, will ya?

Ms. Jones:
Okay, right after i finish managing these grammies, B. They’re handful, you see?
Okay Ms. Jones. Just don’t go breaking my heart.
Ms. Jones:
Oh, poor Mighty B. Let me sing one of my songs’ verse for you…
What did you say?
i know i saw you singing
my ears won’t stop ringing
long enough to hear
those sweet words
what did you say?
end of the day
the hour hand has spun
before the night is done
i just have to hear
those sweet words
spoken like a melody
Ms. Jones:
How do you like it?

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