Snacking, A (Not So) New Meaning

Snacking, A (Not So) New Meaning

Throughout the years, the word snacking has been demonized as “devouring a big bag of ‘mecinized’ potato chips, and not stopping until it’s finished 😂”.

As PCOS fighter, i have to recover its original meaning which is “eating nutritious, properly-portioned food between meals”. Aside from fruits as healthy go-tos, i have to be more selective in choosing my snacks that do not contain gluten, dairy, soy, or too much sugar. Also, i prefer locals than imported stuff. 

This chocolate bar from @miachiasnack is one of my faves. It’s free from dairy, soy, gluten, peanuts, wheat and eggs. It’s local, and comes with a cause where every purchase equals 1 donation for children in needs. #talkaboutperfection.

Made from dates and cacao nibs, its texture reminds me of hard dodol but with a captivating chocolate aroma. One piece of this badass and i’m good to go 😋.

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